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2022 Bill of Rights Day Annual Student Contest

The United States Courts within the Seventh and Eighth Circuits hosted the Third Annual Bill of Rights Day Contest.  One hundred and nineteen students, grades  5-12, from the Eastern District of Arkansas participated this year.

Top 3 Submissions - Grades 5-8
1st Place:    Eye to Freedom by Xuanying Li from Batesville Junior High School Charter
2nd Place:    Bill of Rights by Jimena Castillo from Rison Elementary School
3rd Place:    Let Our Voices Sing by Serenity Hardy & Brooklyn Jones, Batesville Junior High School Charter

Top 3 Submissions - Grades 9-12
1st Place:    Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier case by Emma Harrington, Southside Junior High School
2nd Place:    The Rights of Highschoolers by Raina Coles, Southside Junior High School
3rd Place:    Speech is a Student’s Superpower by Haley Rea Southside Junior High School

The 1st Place winner from each category competed for the Grand Prize and a chance to win $500 at the Bill of Rights Day event on December 7.

Congratulations to Xuanying Li from Batesville Junior High for placing 3rd overall in the 5-8 grade category!

Questions? Contact Crystal Newton at or 501-604-5351.