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GENERAL NOTICE Regarding Juror Selection – 28 U.S.C. § 1864(a)

The Court uses a two-step process to select jurors. First, a master jury wheel is created annually by selecting names at random from the registered voter lists of the counties in the three divisions of the Eastern District of Arkansas. Then, names are randomly drawn from the master jury wheel periodically, and juror qualification questionnaires are sent to those selected.  Individuals’ answers to the questionnaires determine whether they are legally qualified to serve.  The names of the qualified persons  are placed in a second, qualified jury wheel. As prospective jurors are needed for trial or grand jury service, juror summonses are sent to persons randomly selected from the qualified wheel(s).

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Automated Juror Information:  800-653-6503



Petit Juror Handbook

Grand Juror Handbook

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Answering the Call for Jury Service (Video)

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