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Request for Bid

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

You are invited to submit a quote in response to our Request for Quote (RFQ), for a quotation for Audio/Video design services for the U.S. District Court-Eastern District of Arkansas in Little Rock, AR. 

The judiciary intends to evaluate quotes and make an award without discussions. Therefore, the quoter's initial quote shall contain the quoter's best terms from a price and technical standpoint. The judiciary reserves the right to conduct discussions if the Contracting Officer later determines them to be necessary. 

Quotations are due by February 1, 2023, by 5pm CST. Please submit quotations to:

Lance Smith (Contracting Officer):

The judiciary will evaluate each quote that is received by the established closing date and time. Award shall be made to the quoter submitting the Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable quote. Therefore, it is imperative that quoters submit their best technical and price in their quote.

Click here to download the PDF.